Convener: The Movement for Black Lives

The Movement for Black Lives includes a number of organizations, individuals and networks focused on a hopeful and inclusive vision of Black joy, safety and prosperity. That means freedom from violence and economic inequality, as well as the freedom to realize our greatest dreams.

Partners: The Majority

In this moment, Black and Brown people, immigrant communities,  the economically unstable, women, children, the disabled, the LGBTQ community, those working to protect our right to work and those fighting for our right to clean air and water, are all facing attacks because a minority whose values are rooted in white supremacy, division and hatred have taken power.

Although in power, hate is not the majority.  People who believe in freedom, justice and the humanity of all people are the majority, and we’ve had enough. We won’t stand idly by and watch our communities be attacked and torn apart.

Join The Majority, and fight for a future.
Advancement Project
Alliance for Educational Justice
Autonomous Tenants Union
Black & Brown Workers Collective (Philly)
Black Lives Matter Global Network
Black Womens’ Roundtable
BlackOut Collective
BLM Network
BLOC (Charlotte)
BYP 100
Causa Justa :: Just Cause
Climate Justice Alliance
Color of Change
Community to Community Development
Cooperation Jackson
Ella Baker Center
Familia: Trans Queer Liberation Movement
Fight for 15
Freedom Inc.
Grassroots Global Justice
Highlander Center for Research & Education
It Take Roots
MPower Change
National Domestic Workers Alliance
New Economy Coalition
Philly REAL Coalition
Philly Student Union
Recover The World
Right to the City
St. Louis Action Council
United We Dream
Women’s March